ITTAC brings out a Standards Manual which is one of the most trusted reference documents on standards for Tyre, Rim and Valve. ITTAC also publishes Tyre Condition Guides for different category of tyres as a comprehensive compilation of different types of tyre damages, their appearances and recommendations which reflect the consensus of the members of ITTAC.

Tyre Condition Analysis Guides are available for following categories of tyres:

  • Commercial Tyres
  • Passenger, SUV & MPV Tyres
  • Agriculture & OTR Tyres
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All the relevant information on tyres, rims and valves, which is published in the ITTAC Standards Manual, is advisory only. Their use by anyone engaged in the Industry or Trade is entirely voluntary, and the Committee disclaims responsibility for any infringement, which may arise, from the manufacture or use of any article described in the Committee’s documents. Prospective users of the Standards Manual are responsible for protecting themselves against liability for infringement of patents.