University Connect for Tyre Safety by ATMA & ITTAC

Automotive Tyre Manufacturers Association (ATMA) and Indian Tyre Technical Advisory Committee (ITTAC) reached out to the students in three leading universities in the country.

Through expertly held Tyre Safety training sessions, students across three leading technical universities were sensitized about the important aspect of Tyre Care & Safety under the overall road safety drive.

VIT University Vellore, SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai and SVCE University Chennai were chosen as the venues for creating awareness on the critical difference that tyres make between a safe, fuel efficient and enjoyable ride or an unsafe, tiring and environmentally bad one.

Young, bright students were creatively engaged through audio-visual presentations and exciting tyre safety quizzes in the well laid out auditoriums.

At each of the three locations, a large number of students and faculty members participated that made the sessions all the more worthwhile.

“Today’s upwardly mobile youth is highly conscious of the choices he or she makes in terms of personal mobility. Cars/ SUVs are aspirational in nature and are often used to make a statement. Unfortunately tyres or tyre care doesn’t attract that much attention from the youth. Through this drive we tried to create awareness about critical aspects of tyres safety”, said Mr. VK Misra, Chairman, ITTAC

“Essentially, in the interactive sessions held with the students, the fact that tyre play a pivotal role in road safety being the only point of contact between a vehicle and the road was brought home to the assembled students”, said Mr. Sudershan S Gusain, Head – ATMA Safety

Appreciating the seminar Dr. K. V. Mohankumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Design & Automation, School of Mechanical Engineering, VIT said, “I am happy to share that all participants of the seminar were overwhelmed by your talk. It was very well received, and the feedback clearly proves it has benefited every participant. It has created a great deal of awareness of the role of tyres from the vehicle safety point of view. The seminar, in a way, shifted the idea of the tyre from “just round, black, and I don’t care” to “so much inside this round, black does matter, and I need to care regularly.

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